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Quinnipiac Senior Week Leaves out some Seniors

Anna Didio brings you the update.

Quinnipiac Announces New Senior Parking Policies

Amanda Gogh has the story.

Quinnipiac University Commencement Speaker Announced

Quinnipiac University announced this week that Bill Nye “the Science Guy” will deliver the undergraduate commencement speech for the class of 2010.

Nye, a Cornell graduate best known for his television show PBS in the 1990s, will give students more than a science lesson on May 16. He will offer them insight and wisdom as they leave school

Vice President of Public Affairs Lynn Bushnell said Nye was one of the speakers recommended by the senior class. She also said the university is looking forward to his appearance.

Quinnipiac Graduates to Look ‘Green’ in their Caps and Gowns

Quinnipiac University’s graduating seniors will be sporting “green” caps and gowns at commencement this year. The robes they will don are made of 100 percent recycled plastic bottles.

The robes will feel and fit like the traditional polyester material of the older robes, and are also less likely to wrinkle. The manufactures say each robe is made with 23 recycled bottles, as well as recycled ink to dye the gowns different colors.

Although the robes are more expensive than the original ones, Quinnipiac promises to continue to cover the cost. The gowns are just another step the university  has taken to reduce its carbon footprint.