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Southington Middle Schools to be Renovated

Jeff Ohlsen brings you the story.

Deaths due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Natalie Sgro has the story.

Generators Flying Of Shelves

Natalie Sgro has the story.

Linda McMahon Announces Run for Senate

Linda McMahon, former WWE CEO,  threw her hat in the ring today for the 2012 senate race in Conn.

This will be McMahon’s second time running for a senate seat.

“As your senator, I will go to Washington with one objective above all: to get our state and country working again,” she said.

McMahon says if elected she will work towards lowering taxes, streamlined regulations, and economic stability.


Missing Orange Girl Found

Anna Didio has the story.

East Haven Amber Alert Program

Anna Didio and Liz Cass bring you the story.

State Trooper Death

Amanda Eugenio brings you the update.

Police Arrest Rape Suspect

Shannon Fox brings you the latest on the case of the assaulted jogger.