Hartford’s XL Center to be Renovated

The chief executive of Whalers Sports and Entertainment announced a renovation of Hartford’s XL Center, worth $100,000,000.

This plan is based on the possibility of the NHL returning to Hartford in 2017, as the Whalers played at the Center in the 1970s.

Construction would begin next year and end in 2014.

The plans call for a market, food court, broadcast studio, and a Hard Rock Cafe or Planet Hollywood restaurant.

The XL Center now has the Connecticut whale of The American Hockey League as its main team, and UCONN’s men’s and women’s  basketball teams play there as well.

Connecticut Lottery Winner Still not Found

Connecticut officials are using a new technique to track down a recent powerball winner, putting up billboards.

According to the billboards, the winner is from Fairfield County.

Whoever bought the ticket has until April 30 to claim the $254,000,000 jackpot, the largest in state history.

Besides the billboard campaign, lottery officials are using display screens at over 2,000 state retailers, encouraging people check their tickets.

 Hate Crimes Rise in U.S.

America seems to be getting meaner as the amount of hate crimes in the nation has increased since 2009.

The FBI defines hate crimes as offenses as a result of race, ethnicity, or religion.

The largest percentage of hate crimes are about race, which accounted for nearly half of all the offenses in 2009.

However, crimes were not only verbal assaults. According to the FBI, seven murders resulted from hate crimes. Four of these murders were against black citizens.

Despite the increasing number of hate crimes, authorities reported that offenses like rape have decreased in the last year.

Teens Attempt to Break Into Animal Hospital

It was all bark and no bite for two Bronx teenagers who attempted to break into an animal hospital early Tuesday morning.

Police spotted two men wearing all black trying to break into the hospital.

In an effort to flee, the two teens ran across all six lanes of Interstate-95 and jumped down an embankment.

The police brought in their K-9 Unit, and Darien Police K-9 “Zulu” led officers to where one of the teenagers was hiding.

The teenager was taken into custody and is being charged with second-degree criminal attempt in burglary, interfering with an officer, and wreckless use of a highway by a pedestrian.

Police are still searching for the other man involved.


Another former first daugthter has made her way into the journalism world.

NBC announced that Chelsea Clinton will receive a new job as a special correspondent for NBC  news.

She joins Jenna Bush-Hager as a special correspondent on the NBC team.

Her segment is “Making a Difference,” which focuses on volunteer work and airs on “NBC Nightly News.”

Clinton will also be a correspondent for the newsmagazine, “Rock Center with Brian Williams.”

She plans to donate most of her NBC earnings to the Clinton Foundation and the George Washington University Hospital in honor of her grandmother who recently passed away.

Eighteen-Year-Old Becomes Mayor

Some high school students hope to be elected as the school president, but one high school senior took running for office a step further and became elected as mayor of his town.

Eighteen-year-old Jeremy Minnier won a write-in campaign against his 76-year-old incumbent, making him the mayor of his small town, which has 74 residents.

Minnier said that he ran because he has always been a natural leader, and a few people approached him after no one ran for the spot.

Minnier already has big plans for the town, including changes to the city septic system, and a hookup to rural water for the city.

 NASA Jobs

The Boeing Company is bringing more than 100 jobs to Florida’s space program.

The company is collaborating with NASA’S Kennedy Space Center there.

After NASA recently laid off more than 1000 workers, these new jobs will be offered by June 2013.

Governor Rick Scott views this as an opportunity to extend Florida’s leadership in the space industry.

Emergency Plane Landing

All passengers are safe after a plane headed for Poland last night was forced to perform an emergency landing.

Police said the Warsaw-bound Boeing 767 landed on its belly after its landing gear did not open.

Sparks and small fires came from the engine.

Engineers said the malfunction was out of character for the normally sturdy aircraft.

There were over 200 passengers on the plane.

Those onboard said the emergency landing was so smooth that they thought the plane landed on its wheels.

Fallen Connecticut Soldier Honored

Governor Malloy ordered flags at half-staff for a 28-year-old fallen Connecticut soldier.

Sergeant Ari Cullers of New London died in Afghanistan this past Sunday.

Cullers was trying to fix a bulldozer when a rocket propelled grenade killed him.

Governor Malloy said that he extended his deepest sympathies to the Sergeant’s family, friends, and loved ones.

Flags will remain half-staff until Cullers’s funeral.

New Orleans Halloween Shootings

Halloween ended in violence for New Orleans.

Four separate shootings left two people dead, and 13 others injured early on Tuesday.

The first shooting happened outside a Bourbon Street nightclub, where police said a 25-year-old man was shot and killed.

They said two men were shooting at each other for unknown reasons, and the gunfire struck eight people.

Meanwhile, police said another man is facing charges for killing a 19-year-old in the second shooting.

It took place an hour later, and three other people were injured.

Police also said the other two shootings occurred in different locations later that morning.

Major Power Outage due to Storm

The October snow storm we experienced this past weekend has left thousands in the dark.

WFSB says Connecticut Light and Power has reported that there are over 1400 crews working to restore the 660,000 customers without electricity.

Jeff Butler, a spokesman of the company, says CL&P is focusing on the public’s safety and are working to restore the power.

York Hill Shuttles 

After Thanksgiving break, the York Hill shuttle will have a set schedule.

Although Quinnipiac wanted the York Hill shuttle on a set time schedule, the Mount Carmel construction made it too difficult.

There will be one more shuttle stop added to Eastview in addition to the original stops.

The Quinnipiac University York Hill shuttle service provides the 1020 residents of the York Hill campus with transportation between the York Hill and Mount Carmel campuses.

Currently, there are three shuttles on the York Hill rotation.

NBC Sports comes to Connecticut 

NBC Sports announced plans to relocate its northeast operations to nearby Stamford.

The move is part of Connecticut’s “First Five” economic development program.

This program provides tax incentives for the first five companies to create 200 jobs in two years.

The 32-acre site will become home to the Versus Network, to NBC Sports, Olympics, and Sports Digest.

The project is scheduled to begin in September and will create over 450 jobs.

Oktoberfest…Alabama Style

The world’s only dry Oktoberfest is finally going wet!

Last year, voters in Alabama decided to legalize alcohol sales, despite the opposition of local church leaders.

After being dry for some time, the Alabama town is allowing beer at their Oktoberfest celebration.

With the addition of beer to the event, the celebration had the largest turn out in history.

Citizens in the town said it was a dream come true.

Quinnipiac Soccer Star

War refugee and Quinnipiac soccer star Fortuna Velag was featured on NBC Connecticut this week.

Although the senior political science major was in the news for her recent success on the Quinnipiac women’s soccer team, this story focused on her difficult past.

In the story, Fortuna discussed her memories of war in the former Yugoslavia, her family’s escape to Eastern Europe, and her decision to play soccer at Quinnipiac.

Fortuna said after college she would like to win the World Cup, become an ambassador, and change the lives of others.

MTA Sees Crime Increase

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said that felonies increased by six percent within the past year on the New York commuter trails.

According to the MTA, 79 larcenies occurred from January to August, up 65 percent from last year.

Although the MTA saw a decrease in robberies, assaults, and burglaries, crimes increased overall.

A spokeswoman of the MTA said cellphones and laptops that are found and not returned account for these crimes of opportunity.

Obama’s Missing Teleprompter 

Someone who attended these job speeches literally tried to steal the words from President Obama’s mouth.

Obama’s teleprompter is currently missing, and the search is on for the thief.

On Monday, officials discovered that a truck filled with government property was stolen from a hotel parking lot in Virginia.

Besides the teleprompter, $2,000 worth of audio equipment was also stolen.

The Defense Information Systems Agency is conducting a formal investigation with other law enforcement agencies to find the equipment.

Free Apps for Blackberry Users

Creators of the Blackberry smartphone apologized to customers for recent service disruptions by offering free app downloads.

Research in motion gave out free downloads of games such as “Bejeweled,” “Texas Hold’Em Poker,” “Bubble bash,” and “The Sims Three.”

In addition, customers received two free music apps, a speech translator, and a virtual assistant.

Customers will have four weeks to download these programs and will receive free technical support for a month.

Mount Carmel Traffic

Traveling back and forth to Quinnipiac will be easier starting this Friday.

According to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the new turning lanes will be complete at the corner of Whitney Avenue and Mount Carmel Avenue.

Some of the changes include a right turn-only lane from Whitney Avenue to Mount Carmel Avenue and two left turn-only lanes from Mount Carmel Avenue to Whitney Avenue.

Also, there will be a sidewalk from Sleeping Giant to Whitney Avenue and all roadwork will be finished by mid-November.

Mystic Seaport

Mystic Seaport is going into hibernation.

The Connecticut tourist attraction will be closed to visitors between January 2 and February 15 next year.

Mystic Seaport decided to take advantage of the lighter visitor schedule, which allows full-time staffers to work on exhibits, training, and maintenance.

During the closure, the museum stores, Maritime Gallery, and Latitude 41 will be open on a reduced schedule.

The Seaport will resume a seven-day programming schedule towards the end of March.

Helicopter Crash

Emergency crews rushed to the scene after a helicopter crashed in New York’s East River in Manhattan.

Officials said five people were in the helicopter, and only one woman could not escape as the helicopter sank into the river.

CNN reported that the woman was found ten minutes after the crash and was pronounced dead.

A spokesman of a New York fire department said two people who were injured are suffering from cardiac and respiratory arrest.

Another man is also in critical condition and was taken to New York University Medical Center.

However, the pilot was rescued and was not injured.

The names of the passengers were not released and the crash is under investigation.

Hartford Emergency Room

Going to the hospital recently became a lot easier for Hartford residents.

The Saint Francis emergency room now allows patients suffering from minor injuries to register for appointments online.

Patients can go online and simply fill out the same forms as if they were walking into the emergency room.

Car and Metro-North Train Collide

Doctors said this new system will help prevent long waits at the hospital.

An 80-year-old woman was driving when she collided with a Metro-North train Tuesday afternoon.

WTNH said that the driver, identified as Theresa Apruzzese, was rushed to Stamford’s Hospital ICU for treatment.

An AT&T worker, who was present at the scene, told WTNH that the majority of the car was crushed and it was a miracle that the driver survived.

Although no charges were made, Apruzzese’s license was taken away.

High Speed Railway

Daily highway commutes are bound to improve.
Thirty million dollars in federal funding will be used for the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield passenger railroad line.
Governor Dannel Malloy hopes that the high speed railway will help the economy and reduce highway congestion.
Connecticut may complete the railway project by 2013 and have it up and running for the public by 2016.

Komisarjevsky Charged in Cheshire Murders

Joshua Komisarjevsky was charged with murder, abduction, and assault.
This is the second trial of the Cheshire Home invasion for the killings of the Petit women in Chesire, Connecticut.
According to ABC News, Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes offered to plead guilty so they could avoid the death penalty.
However, Hayes is already on death row and Komisarjevsky is awaiting his fate.

North Lot 

The North Lot at Quinnipiac overwhelmed students these past few weeks and caused a lot of frustration.
Quinnipiac students left their houses earlier in order to find a parking spot. For instance, some students left up to an hour before their class actually began.
Also, many students drove up behind other students who were walking to their car so they would not miss a spot.

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