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Blackberry Service Outage

Anna Didio has more.

The Royal Wedding

The royal wedding buzz has increased as security forces sweeped the city to check for explosives.

No specific threats were reported, but standard procedures are being followed.

Press tents have been erected and hopeful fans camped out in front of Westminster Abbey, hoping to to catch a glimpse of the royal couple.

Scotland Yard’s Calvary held a practice procession and the local restaurants and shops offered deals related to the wedding.

If you want to catch the nuptuals from across the pond, many stations and internet sources will offer live coverage.

Japan dumps radioactive water into Pacific Ocean

Rebecca Turco has more.

Palestinian Group Removed From Facebook

Colleen Nelson has the story.

Space Shuttle “Discovery” Makes Its Last Take-Off

The space shuttle “Discovery” docked on Saturday afternoon for the last time.

Alignment issues with the fuel tank and rocket boosters threatened to throw the shuttle off of schedule.

However, astronauts and crew devoted extra time to install the Express Logistics Carrier to stay on schedule.

“Discovery” began its thirty-ninth and last launch at 4:50 on Thursday from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Earthquake Erupts in New Zealand

An earthquake in New Zealand has led to 75 deaths.

The 6.3 magnitude earthquake from Tuesday left officials to wonder if the death rates will be rising.

Search teams have been working in Wellington, one of the nation’s largest cities.

They used everything from their bare hands…to dogs…and to heavy cranes in order to move the rubble and look for survivors.

The earthquake brought down the spire of the city’s historic cathedral, Christchurch, along with flattening tall buildings and houses.

At least 100 people are currently missing.

Americans Killed by Pirates

Four Americans taken hostage from their yacht by Somali pirates last week have been killed.

United States Naval Forces trailed the yacht off of East Africa with four warships and boarded the boat when they heard gunshots.

Nineteen pirates were involved in the highjacking, but negotiations were underway to try to release the hostages when the attack occurred.

According to Central Command, U.S. Special Operations Force killed two of the pirates and captured 13 of them.

The remaining two pirates were dead on arrival.

The Americans were traveling to distribute Bibles before the pirates captured their yacht.

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