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Week in Pics

Week in Pics!

Following the Wacky Weather forecast, here is the latest in Week in Pics.

Week in Pics!

Some pictures to enjoy, including elephants having a good time smashing pumpkins!

Q30 News Says ‘Farewell’ to its Graduating Seniors

The cast and crew of Q30 News would like to extend its best wishes to its graduating seniors. Good luck with all that you do!!

Violence in New Haven Affects Youths

New Haven had 11 killings due to gang-related activity. Younger people are getting mixed up with the violence. Eric Turcio has more.

Solution to Toxic Soil in a Hamden Neighborhood

The neighborhood of Newhall in Hamden, Conn. has toxic soil under its houses and parks, but there is a way to remove it. Kwegyirba Croffie has the solution.

Young Adult Makes it Big in Politics

Young adults are only expected to make a difference in politics by voting, not running for office. Kevin Scarpati is a different story. Katie Maleen has more.

Chuck’s Support through Trying Times

A dad is usually there to push you in the right direction. In this story, a man’s family and friends push him forward through the most trying times in his life. Jon Schirripa has the story.