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Ron Weasley’s Close Call

Natalie Sgro brings you the update from the wizarding world.

The Royal Wedding

The royal wedding buzz has increased as security forces sweeped the city to check for explosives.

No specific threats were reported, but standard procedures are being followed.

Press tents have been erected and hopeful fans camped out in front of Westminster Abbey, hoping to to catch a glimpse of the royal couple.

Scotland Yard’s Calvary held a practice procession and the local restaurants and shops offered deals related to the wedding.

If you want to catch the nuptuals from across the pond, many stations and internet sources will offer live coverage.

Academy of Country Music Awards Recap

Megan Reilly and Lauren Pernal give you the scoop on the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Hollywood Report

Josh Powers and Amanda Gogh update you on what’s new in Hollywood.

Ke$ha Line For Tickets

The line for Ke$ha tickets last week was insane. The line went from the tables in Tator Hall to areas in Buckman.   posted the following video on of the line.


Anna Didio and Megan Reilly bring you the latest entertainment news.

Hollywood Report

Amanda Gogh and Lauren Pernal bring you the latest update from Hollywood.

Hollywood Report

Megan Reily brings you the latest news from Hollywood.